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Name The Logo Competition

Name The Logo Competition

Heres your chance to play an important part in the history of Little Ruggers. As you can see we have a lion logo at Little Ruggers, unfortunately we cannot think of a name for him/her. Please can you help us choose a name and have a go at colouring it in. The name that is chosen will be the permanent name given for the Little Ruggers lion logo. Two prizes will be awarded for the best name and another for the best colouring in. Name the Logo

You can download a copy of the entrance form here Little Ruggers Name the logo competition. We will have some to hand out at your next few lessons so do not worry if you have not printed it out.

All entries must be in by Saturday 27th November 2010. There will be 2 prizes one for the name that is chosen and one for the best colouring in. The result will be judged by the coaching panel and prizes will be awarded on the last lesson before christmas which is Saturday 11th December 2010.

Good luck and get thinking of a name as we really do not have an idea of what to call him or is it a she?????